2018 Slingshot Hoverglide FWake Foil


The 2018 Slingshot Hover Glide FWake Foil.
Built on the ever popular Hoverglide kite foil platform.
Very versatile foil that is stable and fun at slow speeds behind a boat for learning and progressing.
It’s also fast for more advanced riding.



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The 2018 Slingshot Hoverglide FWake Foil was developed out of a lifelong curiosity of what it feels like to fly, the Hover Glide FWAKE Foil has re-invigorated the boating experience. Fly behind virtually ANY boat or jet ski, and have the ride of your life regardless of water conditions, wake size, etc. It’s like flying an airplane with your feet. Riding the Foil takes you back to the good old days of learning a new discipline behind the boat and the grin from ear to ear that follows is inevitable. We recommend you start slow, with the short mast and a long rope to ease into the flying experience.

Package Includes:

  • 24″ Mast
  • 15″ Mast
  • H5 Front Wing + Rear Wing
  • Pedestal and Fuselage
  • All hardware

Hover Glide FWAKE Highlights:

  • Hydrofoil designed specifically for behind-the-boat riding
  • Can use with any boat (or jetski)
  • Ride in any condition, float smoothly above rough water
  • Brings a new challenge and completely new sensation to wakeboarding
  • Durable construction, breaks down quickly for easy storage


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