2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper Foil 101 cm

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The 2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper 101 cm:

590 front wing

Fast, Light Stiff, Stable and Fun to ride.

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2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper Foil – 101cm

The FKite Carbon 2.0 101cm is high-performance freeride foiling at its finest.
Fred Hope is a magician on the water, and the Ghost Whisper 101 is his magic wand.
Its medium aspect wing has a fast top-end (about 30knotts), but also has enough lift to cruise comfortably at half that speed.
The result is the perfect balance of sensitivity and high-speed performance with stability and predictability.
You can scream upwind and boost to the moon, disengage your kite and surf swell or slow down and perfect your transitions.
If you’re looking for one foil that delivers the thrill, this is it.

  • Light and stiff high-modulus carbon construction
  • Versatile, high-level freeride performance
  • Perfect blend of speed and stability
  • Concave wing provides extra lift
  • 101cm mast ideal for all-around freeride foiling
  • Perfect for experienced foilers looking to upgrade to carbon
  • 590 front wing

Faster and more sensitive than the 2019 GW 91 and more stable and friendly than the 2019 GW 111, the 2019 GW 101 is best suited for riders who already know how to foil and are ready for a high-performance freeride design and high-end carbon construction. The front wing is slightly concave with an inverted gull profile that gives it a super fun and playful feel, while an upturned rear stabilizer wing helps with locked-in carving and adds stability.


Integrated Mast and Pedestal

One unit, stronger and more hydrohynamic

High Modulus Carbon Construction

Lightest, most flexible and durable inserts in the industry

101 cm Mast

Ideal mast length for freeride foiling

Slingshot Tech Specs

Mast Height Fuselage Length Combined Wt. Front Wing Rear Wing Base Foil Speed Range
101 cm 647 mm 7 lbs. 590 mm 330 mm Pedestal 7 – 25 knots


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