Slingshot Phantasm PFH 767/710 Lower Package V1 – $499


Slingshot Phantasm PFH 767/710  Lower package 

*Medium aspect front wing with excellent speed and control.
*Very maneuverable.
*Best for experienced riders in medium and stronger winds.
*Lightweight premium carbon construction.



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Slingshot Phantasm PFH 767/710 Lower Package V1

Before we get started.

Slingshot has been developing the Phantasm line of high end carbon foils for years and years.  The wait was well worth it.
At the AWSI board sports expo in Hood River in Sept of 2021, the Phantasm line-up was voted the #1 new product by one of the major kite and wing magazines. It was a well deserved recognition.
The goal was to produce the best mast (stiff, fast and strong) on the market and provide a highly modular system with the best wings available that cover all the foiling disciplines.  They did their due diligence and nailed it.  Well done Slingshot.


The PFH 767/710 Lower Package is an ultra-maneuverable lower for Kite, Wing, Prone or SUP with a combination of PFH 767 front wing and a PS 400 Rear Stabilizer and 710 Fuse. It can achieve higher speed than similarly sized wing setups in the line and has a mid-range takeoff/stall speed. The Performance Freeride High-Performance (PFH) 767 is a unique medium-aspect front wing with limitless speed, agility, maneuverability and carving performance. If you are looking for a modern blend of speed and precision turning, this foil will deliver space-age performance. The PFH 767 wing’s unique inverted gull shape not only maintains the speed you want but also delivers an unmatched progressive roll rate that delivers superior response and feel than flatter wings. This progressive roll rate means jibing, tacking, carving and any sort of transition will become your new metrics for fun.



An ultra-maneuverable lower set up for Kite, Wing, Prone and SUP that will make turns and transitions your new metric of fun. This package has a high top-end speed matched with a medium-lift profile.


•Supersonic top speed
•Big enough for winging and small enough for kiting
•Slashy in the surf

Package Includes:

PFH 767 Front Wing, PS400 Rear Stabilizer, 710mm Fuselage, Hardware (316 Stainless Steel Torx), Neoprene Wing Covers, Carrying Case



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