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Kite Riders is a full service kiteboarding and kitesurfing sales and lesson operation located in Madison, Wisconsin and in business since 2003.  Our passion for kiteboarding and kitesurfing runs deep.   We sell top rated kites, boards, harnesses, wetsuits and all accessories needed to get riders on the water or snow.

We take training very seriously and offer comprehensive kite board training. Whether students are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, Kite Riders provides lessons and training for all levels.

Training is an absolute necessity for novice kite boarders. While kite boarding is an exhilarating and challenging sport, it can also be very dangerous for inexperienced and untrained individuals. At Kite Riders, we take students safety seriously and offer all levels of training to help guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience.

We also offer kiteboarding trips to Cape Hatteras (OBX), NC for 2 weeks each Spring and Fall.  These trips are for both new students and existing riders.

Kiteriders is the top supplier of Kiteboarding gear and lessons in Wisconsin and the Midwest Region.  Buy with confidence.

Call or email us to learn more about our kite boarding lessons and equipment. We look forward to helping you develop your passion for kite boarding!

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