Level 1 Ground School

Note:  Ground School training on land has been used less and less through the years due to going straight to the water and learning from there.  Below is info related to practicing on land if needed.

1st half of land training:

For riders who have no kite flying experience, we start out on land with learning the basics in a less intimidating environment to help increase fast learning. The initial land training covers the basics of kite flying including:

-Safety (proper set-up…safe flying areas, etiquette and understanding the emergency releases on each kite used)
-Kite-flying skills (understanding the wind window and power zone and working on beginning and more advanced flying maneuvers).

2nd half of land training:

Once you understand and can demonstrate the basics, we’ll work with you on refining your skills and getting you prepared for water riding or snow/winter riding. You’ll learn additional skills to make the transition to riding and moving with the kites easier.

FAQ: How much time do I need for land training before I hit the water or snow?

Actual instructor time should be no more than 2-3 hours max. If you need more time to practice, great. But this can be done on your own time with a small 2m or 3m trainer kite.

FAQ: Do I need my own gear?

No, we have all the kites needed for training. If at any time you wish to purchase gear, Kite Riders provides a full range of kites and gear for water, land, and snow riding.

Price: $60 / hr / person.

Call or email for group rates and training.

Note: All of our training is dependent on the weather and conditions. Please keep in mind that we will do everything possible to train, but mother nature always has the final word. I do NOT charge for canceled training due to weather. We will sometimes work on last minute forecasts if needed, so being available at the last minute can also help get new riders trained.

contact Bob: Bob@kiteridersllc.com
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