Once you’re familiar with the basics on land, we get you into the water as soon as possible. This is probably the most important session for building the basics for riding on the water. You’ll learn how to fly a 4 or 5 line depower kite with control and accuracy.

Goals for level 2 / Water Training:

Student should understand and be able to launch the kite with an instructor, land the kite in controlled and emergency situations, relaunch the kites on the water, body drag back and forth and self rescue.

Students will also learn how to rig the kites, read the wind, and understand different launch sites and the preferred places to ride depending on wind strength and direction.

Price: $100 / hr / person.
$60 gear rental fee per session. This is fully refundable upon purchasing of kites or boards from Kiteriders. If you have your own gear, there’s no $60 charge.
We prefer a one to one trainer to student ratio. On occasion, we’ll train 2 at a time if conditions permit.

Group rates available upon request.

contact Bob: Bob@kiteridersllc.com
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