Level 3- Basic Riding

This is the level everyone looks forward to most. Once you understand the basics of flying the kite while in the water, it’s time to try to ride. We suggest using smaller kites and larger boards to help make it easier to get up and ride. It’s a step by step process that we go through to help you feel comfortable right from the start.

Goals for level 3 / Water Training:

Riding with the board – This one is simple. We want you up and experiencing riding. We don’t care if it’s 10 feet or 10 miles. We just want you up and riding.

Beware… This session may take a fair amount of time for some riders to “get.” See below for FAQ’s for additional info. There’s a lot of new skills you’re learning all at once. Getting the skills to the point of muscle memory and instinct takes time.

Remember though, that everyone rides sooner or later.

FAQ: What about gear. Do I need my own?

We’re constantly updating our school gear to the latest kites (high depower – bows) on the market. You’ll be able to use and try the exact same… or similar… kites that the trainers use every day. We have the kites, boards, some harnesses, some dry suits and even wet suits for the most common sizes.

FAQ: What are more important, kite skills or board skills?

In the beginning, kite skills are probably 80% of the skills needed. Once you get the hang of flying the kite instinctively, then the % starts to change. Once you master the kite skills, it changes to 20% kite skills compared to 80% board skills.

FAQ: How much time will it take before I’m self sufficient?

This is a tough questions to answer in general terms since every rider comes to the plate with different skill sets. The more you understand water sports, snowboarding and other related sports, the easier it might be for you to learn. Once you can ride in both directions with control and show responsible decisions, it’s ok to practice on your own. Every rider in the area will help lend a hand. If they don’t, let us know.

Price: $90 / hr / person with Jet Ski support if needed.
$60 gear rental fee per session. This is fully refundable upon purchasing of kites or boards from Kiteriders. If you have your own gear, there’s no $60 charge.

We prefer a one to one trainer to student ratio. On occasion, we’ll train 2 at a time if conditions permit.

Group rates available upon request.

contact Bob: Bob@kiteridersllc.com
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