Level 5- Advanced Riding

Yea, yea. You know who you are. Kind of in a rut and want to learn some tricks? Or just want to continue to get better as quick as possible?

Level 5 training is for you.

It’s open book training at this level.

This is the ultimate “student centered” approach to training at level 5.

We’re your slaves and you tell us what you want to learn and we’ll put you with the appropriate trainer. Tricks? Big tricks? Wake style? You name it; we’ll help you get better.

FAQ: What about gear? Do I need my own?

At this level you should have some of your own gear, but can always demo some of the school/demo kites and boards.

FAQ: Do I need a helmet?

It’s not mandatory yet, but highly preferred for this training. Impact vests come in handy to protect the chest area when learning to jump and do new tricks.

FAQ: Do you travel at all to meet the riders?

On occasion, yes we do. We’ll travel to the big lake (Chicago, Milwaukee, and Sheboygan) in particular to get better wind directions and conditions.

Price: $90 / hr / person – Coach and student are both riding kites together. Having the coach and student ride together, really helps with imagery for the student. Students will learn new tricks faster in this method of training.

$60 gear rental fee per session. This is fully refundable upon purchasing of kites or boards from Kiteriders. If you have your own gear, there’s no $60 charge. We prefer a one to one trainer to student ratio. On occasion, we’ll train 2 at a time if conditions permit.

Group rates are available upon request.

contact Bob: Bob@kiteridersllc.com
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