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The fall winds are turning colder and colder and the lakes are beginning to freeze. It’s time to think about learning to snowkite.

For many reasons, the learning curve for winter riding on skis or snowboards is much faster compared to water training. See below under FAQ’s for reasons and a ton of additional information regarding Winter Snowkiting.

Level 1 training is where we start if you are a beginner at flying 2 or 4 line kites. Once you are comfortable with flying the kite, we’ll get you moving on skis or snowboards.

FAQ: Is it easier or harder to learn to ride in the winter?

Easier and here’s why:
1) We have a much greater choice of riding spots if the lakes freeze over well. We can literally walk out and spread out much easier in the winter than on water. If the lakes are solid, our choice of riding spots is much greater in the winter. The entire Midwest is peppered with small to big lakes and fields.
2) It’s so much easier to stay upwind on snow or decent ice. Hence… you can get back to where you started easier than on water.
3) If you have basic skiing or snowboarding skills, all you need to worry about is your kite skills. Those who learn in the winter have a big advantage once you get to the water… if in fact water riding is a goal or desire. Some just want to ride in the winter which is great.
4) Once you are riding, it’s also much easier for the trainers to follow you and ride at the same time. This way, you can see specifically what the trainers are doing and what to work on.

FAQ: What about gear? Do I need my own?

As with all training, we have kites of all sizes and also some harnesses. We do not have snowboards, skis or boots. Those are your responsibility. Please come prepared with the appropriate protection. Padding (if so desired, highly recommended) and a helmet.

FAQ: Do I really need a helmet?

Yes. No helmet and you’re taking a huge risk.

FAQ: How should I dress?

You’re going to be working harder than you expect. So dress as if you were going to ski or snowboard, but be prepared to shed layers. In my opinion, lighter weight gloves work in all but the most extreme cold. They have better feel for the bars.

FAQ: I don’t ski or snowboard at all. Can I learn both?

Nope… If you have a basic level of skiing or snowboarding, then we can work with you, but you’re learning curve will be longer than someone who is already proficient at riding on skis or snowboards. Trying to learn both kite flying skills and skiing or snowboarding skills at the same time is a recipe for frustration and potential disaster. So please learn to ski or snowboard first.

FAQ: Are skis or snowboards easier?

Simple. Whichever one you’re better at is the one you should do. However… if you do both, skiing is a lot more convenient for getting around in the beginning.

FAQ: How fast can you go?


FAQ: No seriously, how fast?

Real fast. Ok… I’ve been in the upper 50’s in so so conditions, and guys have been clocked at over 70+ in perfect conditions. That’s fast. When learning, we’ll keep you at much slower speeds.

Price: $50 / hr / person

This includes both Level 1 land training and training with skis or snowboards. Same rate.

We prefer a one to one trainer to student ratio. On occasion, we’ll train 2 or more at a time if conditions permit.

Group rates are available upon request.


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