Meet the Crew

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The Crew


Bob: Instructor, Kite Riders owner

Age: ha…yea right.
Gear: What ever Jens, Karl, Craig or any local rider hasn’t snatched from my truck. lol.
Favorite Local Spot: Bar none…20-30 SW and warm at Olbrich. Shallow flat water riding on the inside and really nice small waves at the break.
Favorite Midwest locations: No contest. Sheboygan on Lake Michigan when it’s blowing stink on a NE/NNE direction. Zion and Waukegan on the big lake are close behind.
When it’s not blowing: Reorganizing all my gear from riding and training. Searching for pumps, bars, etc. Soccer, golf, coaching kids soccer, watching 24 and Lost.


Jens: Instructor

Age: 28
Gear: Whatever Bob is not riding
Favorite local spot: Olbrich Park/ anywhere on Lake Michigan
When Its not Blowing: I go find where it is blowing

Victor:Instructor/Site Admin

Gear: Slingshot
Favorite local spot:Mc. Daniels
When Its not Blowing:Carveboarding

Karl: Instructor

Age: 33, riding since 2001
Gear: slingshot kites, Underground boards
Favorite local spot: Olbrich – I prefer flat water for wake style riding
When it’s not blowing: snow boarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, wake boarding, making love, etc

Craig: Instructor

Age: 103, riding since ?, alzheimer’s is a bitch
Gear: Best – I heart this company
Favorite local spot: Anywhere the ladies can see my moves, OW OW!!!, call me
When it’s not blowing: paperclip collecting, free style walking, reading the dictionary

Notice – the information posted about Craig may not actually be accurate, however since he has not provided the webmaster with a profile or picture for the past two years, maybe this profile will motivate him to provide one.

michael palte  

Mike: Webmaster

Age: 24, riding since 2005
Gear: Cabrinha kites, Mystic Warrior, and Underground FLX 132
Favorite Spots: Olbrich for flat water, Zion/ Sheboygan for playing in waves
When it’s not blowing: school

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