Armstrong HS 625 Front wing


HS 625 front wing

  • The smallest foil in the High Speed (HS) range of products.
  • Legendary Armstrong quality and workmanship.
  • The 625 front wing has almost unlimited top end speed and is amazingly stable and smooth.
  • Riders will need more experience to get it up and going, but when you do….hold on.
  • Enjoy it behind a boat, surfing and kiting,

-Kite: Performance free ride kite in medium to strong winds.
-Surf: Big wave riding or light rider.
-SUP: Big wave riding or light rider.
-Tow: Ideal for experienced tow riders.
-Wake: Experienced riders.
-Wing Foil: All riders in strong winds.

Contact us if you are looking for multiple wings to customize your ride.    

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HS 625 Front wing

High Speed (HS) 625

The High Speed 625 with its winglet tips is fast and ultra smooth through the water. Speed and stability allows you to carve with confidence either with kite power or riding big waves and swells. The futuristic tip design is what we believe makes all the difference. The winglets make for a clean tip flow by reducing the wingtip vortices, this improves overall performance and feel when you pile on the speed!


  • Construction is based around a high-density foam core, which is wrapped with 100% IM and High Modulus Carbon.
  • The main wings are shaped and refined for maximum stability and predictability at all speeds
  • The foil sections have been carefully designed by one of the world’s foremost sport wing designers.

Wing area: 626cm2
Wingspan: 605mm
Weight: 460g

*Comes complete with screws and protective cover.

$499.00 USD


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