Cabrinha Kite foil package


Are you kidding me?
Cabrinha Moto or Drifter kite,
Cabrinha Fusion X-series foil.
Cabrinha Special Agent board
Cabrinha Bar and lines.
You’ll often pay this price just for a kite and bar.
Nothing much to say here except this is just an insane deal.
Top of the line kiteboarding gear.
All 2022 products.
While supplies last.

VIP… us direct for preferred sizes.

Out of stock


2022 Cabrinha Kite foil package

VIP: This amazing deal will run until the the 28th of November.
These deals are the best deals I’ve ever seen.
Most of these items are in stock at Kiteriders, but once they are gone, the packages are unavailable.
This gear is all some of our favorite kiteboarding hear and top of the line products, not gear that is subpar or 100 years old.
It’s all 2022 gear.
Thanks Cabrinha for the great deals.    

Grab one before they are gone.  

Package includes:
1) Any 2022 Drifter or Moto kite (any size)
2) Special Agent foil board (105cm or 125cm)
3) Free bar and lines.  

Contact us direct for preferred sizes.

There’s WAY too much product to list specifically below, so here are the general details:

1) 2022 Drifter or Moto kite:

We have in stock:

  1. Motos – most all sizes.
  2. Drifter – limited sizes, but we can possibly order from Cabrinha
2) Special Agent Foil board

We are sold out of this board boards, but we can order from Cabrinha.
Let us know what you want and we’ll order accordingly.  

105cm or 125cm

4) Fusion X-series Alloy foil:


3) Bar and lines:

We have in stock:

  1. All size 1X Quickloop / Trimlite


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