E-foil Battery – Battery Light – Gen 4 – New for 2023


E-foil Battery – Battery Light

Completely redesigned for 2023

  • Up to 1.5 hours of ride time
  • About 45 minutes to recharge.
  • Stronger casing.
  • Cross compatibility with all Lift E-foils.
  • Winter sleep mode – grab it in Spring and you’ll be ready to ride.

Ask us about a battery box to help protect your battery.

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E-foil Battery – Battery Light

New for 2023 – complete redesign. 
  • Up to 1.5 hours of ride time
  • Charges to 80% in 30 minutes.  About 45 minutes fully charged.
  • Redesigned casing.  Even more rugged and ergonomically designed.
  • Soft handles.
  • Stands on end.
  • With proper cables, compatible with all Lift E-foil models.
  • Probably one of the best changes is you can set and go for winter charging.  Meaning you don’t need to keep seeing if it needs charging.  New software lets you just leave it over winter and it will be patiently waiting for you come Spring.  Winter Sleep Mode.

General Battery details:

The Lift eFoil uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor. Ride for up to 1.5 hours with the Gen4 Light Battery, or 2.5 hours with the Gen4 Full Range Battery.

The Light Battery is a custom lithium-ion battery built for rugged marine environments that offers 1.5 hours of ride time and weighs 7 pounds less than the Full Range Battery, making it easier to transport your eFoil.

The Gen4 Full Range Battery offers 2.5 hours ride time, and you can easily explore around with no stress.

Full Range Gen4 – Up to 2.5 hours
Light Gen4 – Up to 1.5 hours

Full Range Gen4 – 50 Minutes
Light Gen4 – 30 Minutes

Batteries are interchangeable if you want to upgrade to the Full Range Battery, or keep more than one on hand. Both battery options are compatible with all generations of the Lift eFoil.

Our battery is made of custom lithium-ion and is built to endure the impacts of rugged marine environments.

It’s not science fiction, it’s the future. Hear how Lift’s engineers used the latest in software tech to create our cutting edge lithium-ion battery and maximize the eFoil’s performance.


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