LIFT Carbon Masts


Lift Carbon Masts

*24″, 28″, 32″ and 36″.
*Different sizes for different riders’ ability
*Depending on your foiling sport, Lift has a perfect size or multiple sizes your sport of choice.
*Same thing for water depth and wave or chop height.  I you need more height, go longer.  If you have shallow waters, go short.


Lift: Carbon Masts

As one of the most crucial components of the foil, we have spent years refining our mast. Lean it over and push your hardest, our mast has excellent rigidity and strong construction to securely hold and keep you stable through the water.


Our masts are built with sleek geometry, excellent rigidity and very strong construction for a smooth and controlled ride. Unlike most aluminum masts on the market, ours is composed of carbon fiber and Kevlar (known for its use in bulletproof vests). These more suitable materials are much more efficient than aluminum in translating the energy from your feet to the wings giving you an increased level of control and an overall smoother ride. The connection points to the board and fuselage are 100% forged carbon with stainless steel inserts adding strength to the foil and making it very easy to take apart and put together. This allows you to conveniently change the mast depending on your preferred ride, level of expertise or water depth. Our mounting track system allows you to adjust the position of the mast by sliding it forward or backward to change the pressure on your feet. Sliding it forward will put more pressure on your front foot; sliding it back will put the pressure on your back foot. It comes down to rider preference, but the best way to find that “sweet spot” is to have options and try them all.

Lift:  24″ (61cm)
  • Great size for learning to foil.
  • Perfect for shallower waters.
  • Good for wake foiling also due to being closer to the waves energy.
  • Wing, kite, wake.
  • Pumping?  Not so much.  It’s too short.
Lift:  28″ (71cm)
  • One of the most popular sizes for wing foiling, kite foiling and wake foiling.
  • More responsive and maneuverable than the longer masts.
  • Better size for pumping if that’s your roll.
Lift:  32″ (81cm)
  • Another popular size for wing foiling and kite foiling.
  • More room for error when the waves or chop get bigger.
  • Too long for wake foiling.
  • The most popular wing foiling mast.
  • Pumping?  Have at it.
Lift:  36″ (91cm)
  • The longest mast size Lift offers.
  • If you just need more room for error (wing foiling) , need to edge more and using higher speeds (kite foiling), this is your mast.
  • You’ll know if you need a 36″ mast.  Just saying.
Mast Includes:
  • Mast
  • Mast Cover
  • Track Hardware and Tool
  • Frong and Back Wings Sold Separately

Additional information

Mast size

24" (61cm), 28" (71cm), 32" (81cm), 36" (91cm)


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