Lift 5’4″ E-foil (E3 F) – 2023


*ALL online orders will be personally verified for legitimacy.
*$8,995 price includes the lighter battery Light.
     *add $1,000 for full range battery.
Perfect board for lighter riders or more advanced riders wanting a more responsive ride compared to the 5’4″ E-foil.
2 sizes:
4 colors:
Vermillion (red)
Sea Foam Green
Orange – New
Light Blue – New
2 batteries:
Full range battery ($1k extra)
Battery light
2 Wing options:
200 Surf
250 Surf


Available on backorder


Lift 3F 5’4″ E-foil  (E3F) – 2023

Starting at $8,995 
New for 2023:
1) New Propeller – more efficient and powerful.
2) New Shroud for propellor – more efficient.
3) New / Updated controller – all around better design and durability.
4) New Aluminum Mast.
5) 2 new colors.  Orange and Light Blue.
6) Mesh hardware bags.
2 sizes:
4 colors:  2 new ones.
Vermillion (red) – Only until they run out.
Sea Foam Green – Only until they run out.
Orange – new color.
Light Blue – new color.
2 batteries:
Full range battery ($1k extra) – Gen 1 until out of stock.
Battery light – – Gen 1 until out of stock.
2 Wing options:
200 Surf
250 Surf

The LIFT3 F 5’4″ is ultra-stable, while still small enough you can improve your skills over time and grow into the full potential of the board. The perfect eFoil for getting started, growing your skills and sharing with all your friends and family

For our most easily transportable setup for the LIFT3 F, pick the 5’4″ with the half battery.

Wing Combos.
– Pick the 200 Surf V2 for a faster, more lively ride
– The 250 Surf V2 will allow for extra stability and low speed riding for larger riders, and make it easier for new foilers to ride the board.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Propeller & Shroud

    • “Our new FRP propeller is made from the latest material in premiumpolymers. It offers increased rigidity for uncompromised performance andacceleration, while also damping vibrations and chatter”
    • “The new material has ultra-low water absorption and increased UVstabilization, to provide longevity, flawless appearance, and amazingperformance”
    • We went through an extensive selection and testing process, and we foundthe best possible material and design


Your eFoil order includes
•Fiberglass fiber board
•Aluminum mast
•Carbon fiber wings
•Hand controller – New
•Fast battery charger
•eFoil battery (whichever you choose)
•eFoil, mast, and wing bags for safe transport of all included items
•Cleaning kit
•Manual and quick-start guide
•2 year warranty on the eFoil Board
•2 year warranty on the eFoil battery (or 300 cycles)


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