Ride Engine 2mm Gloves


This glove is probably one of the best gloves on the market due to a pre-curved profile.
At only 2mm, it will work really well for all cool riding conditions.
Durable and yet flexible material helps reduce forearm fatigue.
Fantastic gloves.

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Ride Engine 2mm Gloves

Personal review:

Every so often a product comes along that makes a diffrerence.  This is one of those products.  I personally HATE wearing gloves.  I get forearm fatigue due many gloves being hard to close while holding the bar.  The 2mm Ride Engine glvoes are precurved.  A lot.  The precurve takes the stress away from trying to close your hands on the bar.  So much more comfortable and they feel warmer than most 2mm glvoes.  

The inside of the glove has a great tacky feel to it while still being durable.  Some gloves on the market are soft neoprene, but they don’t last long at all.

From Ride Engine:

Cold hands will ruin a session almost instantly, which is why a good pair of gloves is an absolute essential.

Ride Engine’s 2mm gloves are designed for the serious waterman/woman in mind, with liquid rubber sealed seams throughout and a tapered cuff to maintain a tight seal and keep water out. Gel coated palms and fingers provide superior grip for paddles, handles and bars. Grip and ergonomics are aided further by a distinct pre-curved shape.

This glove will amaze you with the level of warmth and protection you get from a 2mm package.


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