Ride Engine: Adjustable Wing Harness Line


Ride Engine:  Adjustable Wing harness line

Clip and go
The easiest to attach harness line on the market.
It’s also easy to adjust the length of the loop.

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Ride Engine:  Adjustable Wing harness line

Clip and go.
Super easy to attach this line to any exposition wing that has harness line attachment points.
The wight of the line also makes it easy to “swing” into place once you are up and riding.
You can make the loop larger or smaller which will bring the wing closer to you or further away.
Riders can determine what they like best for adjusting the harness line.
Easy peasy.

Those pigtails or webbing loops on your wing are there for a purpose! The Ride Engine Adjustable Wing Harness Line is easy to apply and transfer from wing to wing with the carabiner connection and features an easy pull-strap adjustment for reach and varied pigtail or webbing spread dimensions.


  • Webbing pull tab adjustment
  • Quick connect and disconnect carabiner interface
  • PU-coated harness line


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