Ride Engine Onsen 4/3mm Hooded Full Suit – Front Zip


The Onsen 4/3 Hooded suit is packed with modern features.
*Yomamoto neoprene.
*Thermal lock Fleece lining.
*Generous Front zip for easy entry.

Our best selling wet suit.

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Ride Engine Onsen Hooded 4/3mm Full Suit – Front Zip

Any part of your body exposed to the elements is a source of heat loss. Our Onsen 4/3 Hooded Full Suit covers your head, locking out the elements and keeping your precious brain case warm and comfortable.

Onsen wetsuits are constructed with 100% Yamamoto #40 neoprene. Every detail has been tested in the harshest of conditions and designed utilizing comprehensive research and development that implements environmentally sustainable materials.

Water Temp: 50°F to 57°F | 10°C to 14°C


Ride Engine wetsuit care

1. Rinse your suit properly:
This means washing it thoroughly with cold water after every use- best done by repeatedly dunking your suit in a bucket or tub of cold water. Sticking a hose in the neck hole and letting water run out the legs just won’t suffice. Getting all of the saltwater, dirt and grime off after every use is the easiest way to increase the life of y our suit. Rinsing with cool or cold water is important; hot water can degrade neoprene over time. For an occasional, more thorough cleaning, use a wetsuit-specific cleaning product or a mild soap, such as baby shampoo. Do not use detergent, laundry soap, bleach or other chemical cleaners, and for heaven’s sake do not put your suit in a washer or dryer.

2. Hang your suit properly: Hang your suit inside-out first. Once it’s dry, reverse and hang it right side in. This is a key detail in making sure both surfaces of your suit dry properly. Do not hang your suit in direct sunlight; this degrades the neoprene and will reduce its life. Do not hang your suit by the neck or shoulders like you would a button-up shirt; this can stretch the opening and reduce its effectiveness. Drape your suit over a chord or through a coat hanger and hang somewhere out of the sun.

3. Store your suit properly: You paid good money for your wetsuit, so don’t treat it like a beach towel. Stuffing it into a bag or leaving it in the trunk of your car just won’t due. Once dry, your suit should be stored unfolded in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

4. Enter/exit your suit properly: Wear and tear is inevitable, but you can dramatically increase the life of your wetsuit by simply taking your time putting it on and taking it off. A little extra attention here will go a long way in avoiding stretching or tearing seams, zippers and openings. Since you should dry your suit inside-out first, remove it accordingly by carefully peeling it off of your appendages like peeling a banana.



The Global Leader in sustainable limestone-based neoprene.
Sustainable, Maximum Flexibility, Higher Memory Value, No Chemicals.



Plush and quick drying this fleece lining keeps you warm in the harshest conditions.



A velvet layer that prevents neck rub and averts flooding.



Offers easy entry and flush resistance.


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