Ride Engine Vinaka Pro Wing Foil harness


Ride Engine Vinaka Pro Wing Foil harness

*Minimalist design
*Great support

You’ll hardly know you have a harness on….it’s that light.
You can move the hook to the side while getting on the board so you won’t scratch the board.
Once you’re on the board, move the hook to the center.  Easy peasy.

Spreader bar included.



Ride Engine Vinaka Pro Wing Foil harness

A next-level wing foiling harness for next-level wing foiling, the Vinaka Pro has a unique thermo-molded design that delivers superior support and a clean, shadow-like fit for fatigue-free, maximum-efficiency riding. The Vinaka Pro’s inset support band doesn’t absorb water, which keeps everything ultralight and dry, no matter how long your session. A sliding harness hook completely moves to either side for ease of padding and keeping your board ding-free.

*The Nug Hook INCLUDED

Why You Need It

Winging with a harness gives you a technical advantage to stay out longer, reach upwind more efficiently and simply give your hands and arms a rest.

Technology That You Get

Field-tested, minimalistic design that comes complete with the NUG sliding harness line hook.

Final Word

The question is not if you are going to use a harness for wing foiling, it is when.


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