Slingshot Phantasm 730 Kite foil package – with PTM 730cm wing – $999


Slingshot Phantasm 730 Kite foil package – with PTM 730cm wing

The Phantasm PFH 730 front wing:
*Higher aspect front wing for excellent speed and control.
*Tons of control at higher speeds.
*Best for experienced riders in medium and stronger winds.
*Lightweight premium carbon construction.
*The package comes with the 102cm mast made from super light, stiff and efficient high-modulus carbon.
*The PTM 730 wing likes to go fast.  Get the picture?

Please note:
Slingshot will be moving towards purchasing the Lowers (Wing, fuse and tail wing) and the Masts separately so riders can mix and match accordingly.
In the meantime, we are offering a few complete packages that also come with a nice travel and protection bag.


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Slingshot Phantasm 730 Kite foil package – with PTM 730cm wing

Before we get started.

Slingshot has been developing the Phantasm line of high end carbon foils for years and years.  The wait was well worth it.
At the AWSI board sports expo in Hood River in Sept of 2021, the Phantasm line-up was voted the #1 new product by one of the major kite and wing magazines. It was a well deserved recognition.
The goal was to produce the best mast (stiff, fast and strong) on the market and provide a highly modular system with the best wings available that cover all the foiling disciplines.  They did their due diligence and nailed it.  Well done Slingshot.

The PTM 730 wing is not for the faint of heart.  It’s a smaller and fast front wing for those who are lighter or want to ride fast.

Here is what Slingshot has to say:

The Phantasm 730 is a high-performance carbon Freeride & Freestyle foil with tons of versatility in a lightweight premium carbon construction. The Phantasm 730 is made from super light, stiff and efficient high-modulus carbon, with a larger, higher aspect front wing that gives it limitless speed, stability, glide and boosting performance. The Phantasm 730 will accelerate and track at higher speeds to deliver a rock solid platform for boosting and unmatched glide and stability for long drawn out jibes and tacks. The larger span of the PTM 730 front wing and its High Aspect shape and design yields the perfect blend of speed and tracking. If you are looking for the perfect balance of speed and stability the PTM will deliver all of the performance you need and more. The wing’s unique inverted gull wing shape not only provides insane speed, but also delivers a game changing self leveling flight that governs your height no matter how fast you go. The Phantasm 730 package was built to provide you with maximum blend of Freeride and Freestyle performance. With next level speed and efficiencies, this foil will open up new lines, and new abilities for your foiling repertoire.

  • 12K DUAL CARBON CORE MAST-High-performance stiffness built for high-performance riders. Built from premium unidirectional and 12k super high modulus pre-preg carbon. Inside is a dual carbon core that ensures next-level stiffness in major, minor, and biaxial directions. Running lengthwise between the dual core is a 10k Carbon I-beam that creates the third and final layer of rigidity and solidity.
  • BIGFOOT CONNECTION-The Phantasm mast to foil connection is over 50% larger than our competitors, this increased size makes it the strongest and most robust in the industry.
  • 7075 AIRCRAFT GRADE FUSELAGE-The Phantasm features a high-performance aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage that has been shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength.
  • PS 400 CARBON STABILIZER WING-No Shims & no extra parts = no problem. Shims are an inefficient way of altering your foil’s performance and cause unnecessary drag.
  • PTM 730 FRONT WING-Larger high aspect wings provide hero level speed and tracking. Riders that are looking for the best speed, best efficiencies, and locked-in feel will find nothing better than the PTM 730.
Package Includes
  • PTM 730 Front Wing
  • PS 400 Stabilizer Wing
  • 653mm Fuselage
  • 102cm Mast
  • Neoprene Wing Covers
  • Carrying Case


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