Armstrong HA 925 Front wing


HA 925 front wing

  • Legendary Armstrong quality and workmanship.
  • The HA 925 front wing has great top end speed and tons of glide for experienced riders.
  • Amazing glide.  It just keeps going.
  • Best for medium sized riders (generally).
  • Enjoy it behind a boat, surfing, kiting, sup, wing foiling, etc.

-Kite: Medium and strong wind performance free ride.
-Surf: Ideal for ripping up waves.
-SUP: Ideal for ripping on waves.
-Wake: Versatile wake foiling lighter riders.
-Wing Foil: lighter riders in stronger winds.
-Downwind: Experienced or lighter riders.

Contact us if you are looking for multiple wings to customize your ride.    

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HA 925 Front wing (New for 2022)

High Aspect (HA) 925

Performance, speed and glide have been taken to the next level with the High Aspect 925. 

At 9.8:1 it’s a true Hight Aspect ratio foil wing that sets the standard for glide performance, while retaining enough handling that it can be turned easily, making for an exhilarating ride in surf. 

In small to medium surf with an 85cm mast or longer the HS925 is truly amazing, the turn radius and pitch stability are sublime!

The sleek inflected tips help prevent ventilation even if the tip breaches. Next level pump and glide if you want to double dip or link up swells, this wing just keeps on going! 

For experienced wingers there is no comparison, it makes tacking so fun and easy as the speed and glide gives you so much time to complete maneuvers. Combine this with amazing upwind angles winging, freakish light wind performance, the riding never stops!

Downwind aficionados requiring max glide performance will want to get their hands on this wing simply because it is next level!

Developed with key design input from Pete Burling, Helmsman of Team New Zealand’s Americas Cup yacht (Current AC holders) and tested by legendary Sailor Jimmy Spithill. 

Pete and Armie became friends as foiling united their search and passion for ultimate performance and glide on downwind runs. The mad scientist and these high-performance sailing gurus have collaborated to create something the likes of which has not seen before outside the Americas Cup!


  • Construction is based around a high-density foam core, which is wrapped with 100% IM and High Modulus Carbon.
  • The main wings are shaped and refined for maximum stability and predictability at all speeds
  • The foil sections have been carefully designed by one of the world’s foremost sport wing designers.


Area: 925 cm2
Wingspan: 954 mm
Weight: 900 grams
Aspect Ratio: 9.8

*Comes complete with A+System screws, and protective cover.


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