E-foil Lessons and training – Group lessons or sessions


E-foil Lessons and training – Group lessons

Our normal rate is $199/hr.
Due to Covid-19, we’re running a summer special rate at $125/hr for Groups of 3 or 4 or more riders.
Contact us for exact pricing.  Travel rates may apply if we are meeting you at your lake.
We love to travel.
Groups are assuming to use 2 batteries or around minimum of 2 – 3 hours of lessons.    

Looking for something fun to do?
Looking to get better at Foiling?
Looking to get in a decent workout on the water?
Already tried E-foiling?
Come E-foil with us.
Ride at a reduced rate with friends and family.
E-foiling is exploding and being seen on waterways all over the world.
Learn to E-foil from experienced trainers.
We use the #1 E-foil in the world.  Lift E-foil.


100 in stock (can be backordered)


E-foil Lessons and training – Groups

Our normal rate is $199/hr.
Due to Covid-19, we’re running a summer special rate at $125/hr for Groups of 3 or 4 or more riders.
Contact us for exact pricing.  Travel rates may apply if we are meeting you at your lake.
We love to travel.
Groups are assuming to use 2 batteries or around minimum of 2 – 3 hours of lessons.    

Join the E-foiling revolution.
Riding above the water on a Lift E-foil is an amazing experience.
If you have never foiled before, the best analogy is similar to riding in powder all day long.

Of all the foiling disciplines (kite, wake, surf, sup, wing, etc.) learning to foil on a LIFT E-foil is the easiest of them all by a LONG shot.
It’s not uncommon to have first time riders foiling quite well in the first session.

These state of the art powerful machines are just plain fun to ride.

We’ll spend a short amount of time going over some basics on land, then it’s time to hit the water.

What to expect in your Group lesson/training session:

  • Proper throttle control.
  • How to get up from you stomach, to your knees and then standing.
  • You’ll learn basic foiling from your knees and/or standing.
  • How to safely handle and operate the Lift E-foil.
  • You’ll have a lot of fun learning how to E-foil.
  • Everyone learns at a different pace.  We’re here to move you along quickly if you learn faster than most.  On the flip side, we also take time where needed to ensure riders are learning and understanding the basics.
  • Most lessons are about an hour and a half.  That’s the length of using up a full battery plus a little dry land time.

What we offer:

  • A fun, light hearted experience.  We’re all going to have a fun session on the water.
  • Training sessions using a 2 way headset/helmet system.  We can talk to each other as you practice.
  • Life jackets.
  • Shorty wet suits if needed.

What you should bring:

  • Suit and towel.
  • Booties if you have them.
  • Wet suit if needed.
  • Water


How long are lessons?
Most lessons last about an hour and a half which is the length of one full battery plus a little dry land.
If we are training more than 1 person, the lessons are typically longer.
Most new riders really want to run through a full battery on their first lesson.
Group lesson and sessions are typically 3 hours or longer.
Length is determined on how many batteries, boards and riders we have.
Lighter riders will get longer sessions on the batteries.

What are your rates?
1st time riders = $150/hr.    Our normal rate is $199/hr, but we’re running a Covid-19 special at $150/hr.
2nd time riders = $125/hr.
3rd time riders = $100/hr.  (Same rate for 3rd, 4th, 5th time, etc. etc.)
***Rates are per hour and you can split it with multiple people.

Group rates:  Call for pricing.

How long does a battery last?
A single charge will last about an hour and 20 minutes (1hr / 20) for an average sized rider.
Really light riders can get much longer sessions.
We had a group fo kids that got 3 hours on 1 better during the training sessions.

Is there a minimum or maximum age?
Yes and no.  We have trained a lot of younger kids from age 10 on up.
It’s more the weight of the kids so they can control the board with their feet properly.
For older riders, it depends on physical ability and desire.  We don’t have an age limit…..yet.

Is there a minimum weight?
Close to 60-80 lbs.  We’re still figuring out the minimum weight.

Is it easy or hard to learn?
Everyone learns at a different rate, but learning to actually foil is somewhat easy (mostly).
Learning how to properly get up on the e-foil can take a little time for some, but it’s such a fun experience.

Do you offer groups lessons or just private lessons and training?
We offer all types of lessons.
Semi-private (2 students) are very popular.  We’ve had a group of up to 12 in 1 day.
What is required is multiple batteries on our end to meet the time demand.
The more riders you have, the less time on the E-foil, but groups are a lot of fun.

Where do you offer lessons and training:
Most of our lessons are done on local Madison area lakes.
However…..We also love to travel to your local lake.  We’ll travel up to 4 or 5 hours away if needed.

How do you know if our local lake is good for e-foiling?
Does it have water?  Ok…we’re good to go.
In all seriousness, I/we do a site evaluation before we go to other lakes.
Conditions matter.  The cleaner the waters the better.

Do you charge for traveling to our lakes?
Yes….we add travel fees depending no how far and low big the group is.

Is there a minimum student to travel?
Yes….we require at least 2 and the further away, the more the better.
The rate is minimal, but to help cover expenses.

If I already know how to ride, can I just rent the Lift E-foil?
Yes….the rate is either $125/hr or $100/hr.

Can we rent the E-foil for multiple days?
Yes….we’ve had our E-foil taken to Colorado, Mn, IL and Northern Wi.
Call for details and priding.

Can I order my training online?
Yes…..Order on the web site and see below for scheduling.

Do we schedule our time online or call or email?
Since we are 100% mobile, we do not schedule online.
Please contact us at 608-358-0514 (call or text) or email to bob@kiteridersllc.com to schedule your time.










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