Slingshot Alien Air V5: 4’6″ Foilboard


Alien Air V5

New design with a thinner profile, lighter weight and less bulk.
Perfect for learning.
Perfect for heavier riders
Perfect for dialing in new moves and footwork before going to a smaller board.

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Straps or Hooks Sold Separately.

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Slingshot Alien Air V5: 4’6″ Foilboard

The Alien Air has taught more people how to foil than almost any other foil board. Now in its 5th iteration, the board has been fully optimized for foiling progression. With a reduced volume from previous years, the board is far easier to maneuver in the water and starting position. Less volume makes your first waterstarts more manageable and provides more performance as you progress past the beginner stage. Featuring subtle chined rails and an effective nose rocker, the Alien Air will have you on foil like a master.


We built the Alien Air V5 to give new foilers the board they need to learn and advance their foil skills. The Alien Air V5 will have anyone and everyone progressing to full-time foiler in no time.


  • The Alien Air V5 has the perfect balance of size and volume to make learning and progressing easier
  • Subtle chined rails and nose rocker keep you on foil longer
  • Can be ridden with any strap configuration or with foot hooks
  • User-friendly shape and outline give riders the ability to progress quickly and easily

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Alien Air 4’6” Board, foil pedestal mounting hardware


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