5 hour kiteboarding lesson package


Learn from the most experienced trainers in the region.
Learn at one of the best locations in the region.

*Gear rental fees apply.  Those fees may be refunded if new students buy gear from Kiteriders soon after.
*$25/hr surcharge added if riders already have their own gear.  We encourage supporting our local business with gear purchases. 



5 Hour Kiteboarding Lesson package – 2 or 3 sessions

Our most popular training option is our 5 hour lesson package.

Perfect for beginners who are just learning how to fly kites in a safe manner.
Perfect for students wanting to get up and ride safely on a kiteboard.
We break down this package into 2 or 3 separate sessions or lessons.
See the 5 levels below for more information regarding the progression and expectations.

Our Goal is to help make every student a SELF SUFFICIENT kiteboarder.

What this means is we do everything we can to help students make SMART DECISIONS.
Both OFF the water and ON the water.

New Students are encouraged to make decisions on:
Where to ride.
Where NOT to ride.
How to react in an emergency situation.
Right of way rules.
Proper gear choices
Much much more…….

Below are our 5 levels of training.

Level 1 / Land training
Level 2 / Flying the kite
Level 3 / Riding on the board
Level 4 / Intermediate riding
Level 5 / Advanced riding

Level 1 / Land training

For many reasons, we do very few land sessions and just skip this level.
Our focus is on getting students flying kites in the water.
Through experience and safer kites, we save you both time and money be learning to fly right away in the water.
It takes a little longer upfront, but it does save time in the long run….hence saving a little money also.
Most land sessions were 2 hours.
In 2 hours in the water, we’ll have you WAY further ahead of the game.  See Level 2.  

Level 2 / Flying the kite – in the water

Learning how to properly fly a kite in the water is not only fun and exciting, but will challenge most everyone in the beginning.
Students will learn the basics of flying a kite.
At this level, students are still having to think a lot about what to do instead of it being intuitive.
Due to this, we move along at the pace that is appropriate for each student.
Our goal is for students to get to an intuitive level of flying a kite.

Level 2 will cover most of the following:
Launching (assisted)
Relaunch – one handed
Body Dragging
Body Drifting
Keeping the kite flying with less power
Generating power with a kite
Much much more……

Level 3 / Riding on the board

This is the level almost everyone looks forward to most.
Once you understand the basics of flying the kite while in the water, it’s time to try to ride.

In Level 2, we isolate certain skills…meaning, learning one thing at a time.
In Level 3, we start to bring those skills together when students are ready for a board.

Level 3 will cover most of the following:
Launching (Self launch if needed)
Relaunch – one handed
Body dragging
Getting a board on your feet
Practice water starts
Diving the kite with proper power
Getting up on the board
Riding short distances – both directions
Stopping properly
Self Rescue
Much much more……..

Beware… This session may take a fair amount of time for some riders to become SELF SUFFICIENT.
Once students are showing proper skills for Level 3, we encourage them to practice on their own if so desired.
Getting the skills to the point of muscle memory and instinct takes time.


Level 4 / Intermediate riding

Level 4 is all about rider improvement:
Riding upwind
Riding downwind
Riding in both really light winds and stronger winds
Transitions (basic direction changes or transitions with power)
Basic jumping
Intermediate jumping

Level 5 / Advanced riding 

You know who you are.
Kind of in a rut and want to learn some tricks?
Or just want to continue to get better as quick as possible?
Level 5 training is for you.
It’s open book training at this level.
This is the ultimate “student centered” approach to training at level 5.

We’re your slaves and you tell us what you want to learn and we’ll put you with the appropriate trainer.
Tricks? Big tricks? Wake style? You name it; we’ll help you get better.

Level 5: 
Advanced Jumping
Advanced transitions
Riding Surf Boards
Riding Foil boards
The sky is the limit
New moves

FAQ: What about gear. Do I need my own?

For beginner lessons….NO.
We rent high quality gear for our lessons.
We’re constantly updating our school gear to the latest kites on the market.
You’ll be able to use and try the exact same… or similar… kites that WE THE trainers use every day.
We have the kites, boards, some harnesses, and even wet suits for the most common sizes.
Most riders will purchase gear once up and riding.
$60 gear rental fee per session. ($40 kite, $20 board)
This is partially refundable upon purchasing of kites or boards from Kiteriders.
If you have your own gear, there’s no $60 charge.

FAQ: What are more important, kite skills or board skills?

In the beginning, kite skills are probably 80% of the skills needed.
Once you get the hang of flying the kite instinctively, then the % starts to change.
Once you master the kite skills, it changes to 20% kite skills compared to 80% board skills.

FAQ: How much time will it take before I’m self sufficient?

This is a tough question to answer in general terms since every rider comes to the plate with different skill sets.
The more you understand water sports, snowboarding, wake boarding and other related sports, the easier it might be for you to learn.
Once you can ride in both directions with control and show responsible decisions, it’s ok to practice on your own.
Every rider in the area will help lend a hand. If they don’t, let us know.

We prefer a one to one trainer to student ratio. On occasion, we’ll train 2 at a time if conditions permit.


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