Welcome to Kiteriders Training / Lessons section.
Our goal is to help make every student a SELF SUFFICIENT Kiteboarder, Kitesurfer or Kite foilboarder.

What this means is we do everything we can to help students make SMART DECISIONS,  Both ON the water AND OFF the water.

Our highly skilled coaches and trainers will move students along at a pace that works with their skill level.

Kiteriders utilizes a STUDENT CENTERED approach to learning.
Meaning, most of our decisions are based on what is the best for the students.
Many other businesses will focus on what is best for their business which makes learning slower and more expensive.

With this in mind we DO NOT offer the following:

  1. No Camps:  Camps are a perfect way of getting a lot of people into paying a ton of money to a lesson center.  The problem with camps is that in our midwest region we seldom get days where multi day camps are viable.  2 or 3 days in a row with good training winds are hard to come by.  Students can end up spending a lot of time, money and effort with very little to show for it.
  2. No Large Group Lessons:  Again, riders need one on one training or semi-private for the best bang for their bucks.
  3. No Online Scheduling or Advanced Scheduling:  Winds are difficult to predict weeks or months ahead of time.  We schedule lessons ONLY when we have wind.  It makes it harder on us to schedule, but it works out better for the students.  We work hard to confirm lessons on those days when we have wind.  This is to protect the students from booking dates and having no wind.

What Kiteriders DOES OFFER is the following:

  1. Private one on one training.  This is the best option for learning at a pace that works for each student.
  2. Semi-Private training.  We recommend a maximum of 2 students per coach or trainer.
  3. Flex Scheduling:  We book training dates according to the wind forecasts.  This makes our job much harder, but it’s worth it in the end.

New for 2017 season is our BBTALKIN Communications system.  This allows us to have instant communication with our students during certain training sessions.  We can talk back and forth for immediate feedback.

***There is a $30 fee for any lesson that is done with the BBTALKIN system.  This fee is per lesson, not per hour.

***There are rental fees for kites and boards if you do not own your own gear.
$60 for kite rental.  $25 for board rental.  These fees can be applied towards gear purchase if you buy from Kiteriders after your lessons.  Percentage will depend on sale price of the gear.

Please see our lesson and package options below:

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