Wing Foil lessons – hourly rate


Learn to wing foil from experienced riders.

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Wing foil lessons – hourly rate

In all honesty, learning to wing foil does NOT require hours and hours and hours of lessons.

We can get you going with some of the basics in 1-2 hours and you’ll be on your way.
If you do want added hours, we’re here to help, but it’s not required to have 5-10 hours of lessons.
Wing foiling will require a decent amount of practice, so once you get the basics down, it’s common to practice and ride with us to pick up additional tips.

We also offer FREE lessons if you buy gear from Kiteriders.

If you buy 2 of 3 parts of whole package, we’ll toss in a free (1 hour) lesson.
The 3 parts are:
1) Hand held wings.
2) Wing foil – this is the hydrofoil that goes under your board.
3) Wing Foilboard.

We’re here to help make your learning experience easier and trying to promote winging in general to the masses.
It’s a ton of fun and most anyone can try winging.


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